Heat Pump Change Out in Columbia, MD

Our crew installed a new heat pump at a residence in Columbia, MD. Unsure if your heating and cooling unit needs a repair or you need a completely new installation? Contact Bob Bowers soon!

Ductless Unit Installed in Reisterstown, MD Basement

In a basement in Reisterstown, MD, the Bob Bowers team finished the installation of a ductless unit. To explore our ductless systems or other heating and cooling solutions, contact us at 410-848-8737!

Oil Furnace Change Out in Sykesville, MD

We changed out an oil furnace at a home in Sykesville, MD. Need a new installation for more efficient heating this year? Contact the Bob Bowers team!

Heat Pump with Gas Furnace Installed in Randallstown, MD

The Bob Bowers team recently installed a heat pump with a gas furnace at a residence in Randallstown, MD! Having heating issues this Winter? Schedule your needed repairs and installations with us at 410-848-8737!

Uniquely Located Unit Worked on in Owings Mills, MD

Check out the odd placement of a system that we worked on at a residence in Owings Mills, MD. It was installed by another company in an area that was difficult to access. No matter where the unit is placed, the Bob Bowers team is ready to help with your heating and cooling systems!

Tip for Your Heat Pump After a Snowfall

After a snow storm like the one Baltimore County had, we recommend that residents check their heat pumps. It could be that ice has frozen the unit up, including the fan blades. This causes the fan not to turn, thus affecting the heat. In this case, we suggest turning the unit off and then pour water on it to thaw the ice. Once removing all of the ice, the fan should begin working again and you can turn it back on.

Oil Furnace in Reisterstown, MD

We worked on an oil furnace in Restierstown, MD. Are you looking into heating solutions for your home this season? Call Bob Bowers soon!

Ductless Heat Pump in Sykesville, MD

The Bob Bowers crew installed a ductless heat pump in Sykesville, MD. Check out our indoor and outdoor heating and air conditioning solutions!